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Jaguar Alumni

Reginald Ball (Class of 2003, Free Agent - Detroit Lions)

Anthony Cannon (Class of 2002, 7th Round Draftee - Detroit Lions)

Jermaine Cunningham (Class of 2006, 2nd Round Draftee - New England Patriots)

Bruce Irvin (Class of 2006, 1st Round Draftee - Seattle Seahawks)

Kregg Lumpkin (Class of 2003, Free Agent - Green Bay Packers)

DeMario Minter (Class of 2002, 5th Round Draftee Cleveland Brown)

Perry Riley (Class of 2006, 4th Round Draftee - Washington Redskins)

Roderick Rogers (Class of 2003, Free Agent - Denver Broncos)

Israel Route (Class of 2003, Free Agent Detroit Lions)

Kelvin Sheppard (Class of 2006, 3rd Round Draftee -Buffalo Bills)

Kenny Ladler ( Class of 2009, Free Agent - Buffalo Bills)

Preston Smith (Class of 2010, 2nd Round Draftee - Washington Redskins)

Mike Davis (Class of 2011, 4th Round Draftee - San Francisco 49ers)

Jonathan Wynn (Class of 2012, Free Agent - Detroit Lions)

Montez Sweat (Class of 2013, 1st Round Draftee - Washington Redskins)

DJ Wonnum (Class of 2014, 4th Round Draftee - Minnesota Vikings)

Chauncey Rivers (Class of 2014, Free Agent - Baltimore Ravens)

Alabama A&M University

Rashan Cylar (Class of 2005)

Ali Hasan (Class of 2001)

 Malasta Hill (Class of 2001)

Trayvon Leslie (Class of 2001)

Rashad Cylar (Class of 2000)

Alabama State University

Leal Harrison (Class of 2004)

Avila University

Jeremy Sheppard (Class of 2010)

Adrian Lane (Class 0f 2018)



Auburn University

 (Class of 2018) Jalil Irvin

Bethune Cookman University

Seth Allen (Class of 2000) 

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Central Michigan University

Reashon Ball (Class of 2005)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Clemson University

Brandon Cannon (Class of 2002)


Alviticus Bryant (Class of 2005)

Chris Hawkins (Class of 2005)

Aubrey Boone (Class of 2005)

Aubrey Patterson (Class of 2005)

Amin Bey (Class of 2005)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Duke University

Jared Boyd (Class of 2010)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Eastern Kentucky

Andy Johnson (Class of 2006)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20


Jonte Covan (Class of 2004)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Furman University

Alonzo Johnson (Class of 2002)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Garden City Community College

Ivonte Patterson (Class of 2014)

Nekyle Lundie (Class of 2014)



Georgia State University

Eric Elder (Class of 2015)      

Ari Werts (Class of 2013)

Malik RIcks (Class of 2013)

Ronald Peterkin (Class of 2013)

Kight Dallas (Class of 2012)


Highland Community College

Watson Stanford (Class of 2006)


Iowa Wesleyan College

Nate Washignton(Class of 2009)


Johnson C. Smith University

Evan Jones (Class of 2012)

Najee Daniels (Class of 2011)

Denzel Hartley (Class of 2009)

Kerry Hartley (Class of 2008)

Kevin Billups II (Class of 2009)

Kent State University

Jordan Tarver (Class of 2010)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Lafayette College

Jerome Rudolph (Class of 2008)


Mars Hills College

Josh Skelton (Class of 2006)


Memphis University

Regis Ball (Class of 2010)

Marcus Ball (Class of 2006)


Michigan State University

Montez Sweat (Class of 2013)



Miles College

Xavier Barber (Class of 2010)


Morris Brown College

Cleve Allen (Class of 2002)


Mississippi Valley State University

Kameron Smith (Class of 2015)

Austin Sanders (Class of 2014)

Theron Chatman (Class of 2013)

Jamal Hawkins (Class of 2013)

Treikell Jones (Class of 2013)



North Carolina State University

Tyler Jones (Class of 2013)


Paine College

Abdul Mahmoud (Class of 2013)

Wisdom Nzidee(Class of 2013)




Presbyterian College

Joshua Polk (Class of 2009)


Samford University

Amos Harper (Class of 2011)

Mark Brown (Class of 2005)


Shaw University

Anthony Maddox (Class of 2002)


Southern University

Franchot West  (Class of 2009)


South Carolina State University

Dewann Ford (Class of 2014)

Marcus Jelks (Class of 2000)

Jermaine Easterwood (Class of 2000)



Joshua Parrish (Class of 2011)



Tennessee Tech University

Kelechi Ordu (Class of 2006)

Geoffrey Woods (Class of 2004)

Brandon Shelby (Class of 2001)



Tyler Johnson (Class of 2015) 

Andre Anderson (Class of 2006)

Israel Route (Class of 2003)

Anthony Cannon (Class of 2002)

Sean Lucas (Class of 2002)


Tuskegee University

Shaheed Dent (Class of 2009)

D'Mario Franklin (Class of 2001)



University of Alabama-Birmingham

Colin Anderson (Class of 2010)

Theron Dudley (Class of 2000)

Phillip Suggs (Class of 2001)


University of Central Florida

Justin Holman (Class of 2012)

Tarik Cook (Class of 2010)

Breon Rogers (Class of 2004)


University of Delaware

Ken Hale(Class of 2004)



University of Georgia

Chauncey Rivers (Class of 2014)

Michael Thorton (Class of 2009)

T.J. Gartrell (Class of 2003)

Kregg Lumpkin (Class of 2003)

DeMario Minter (Class of 2002)


University of Miami

Ralphael Kirby (Class of 2011)

Tyrone Cornelius (Class of 2009)



University of South Alabama

Steve McKenzie (Class of 2011)



University of South Carolina

Dennis Wonnum (Class of 2015)

Dexter Neal (Class of 2014)

Ali Groves (Class of 2012)

Mike Davis (Class of 2011)

Kyle Fleetwood (Class of 2011)

Kadetrix Marcus(Class of 2011)


University of Tennessee

Nigel Mitchell-Thorton (Class of 2009)



Vanderbilt University

Dallas Rivers (Class of 2013)

Jonathan Wynn (Class of 2012)

Darreon Herring (Class of 2011)

Kenneth Ladler (Class of 2009)

Alex Washignton (Class of 2005)



Virginia Union University

Andre LeBlanc (Class of 2007)



Western Kentucky University

Jared Clendenin (Class of 2008)



Wingate University

Matthew Ellis-White (Class of 2015)



Wisconsin University

Roderick Rogers (Class of 2003)



Antelope Valley College

Octwan Roebuck (Class of 2014)

Gavin Brown (Class of 2013)

Tommy Smith (Class of 2013)


Albany State University

Clarence Young (Class of 2008)

Arkansas State University

Steven Tookes (Class of 2001)


Benedict College

Amari Andrews (Class of 2015)

Walter Pollard (Class of 2007) Jonathan Abrams (Class of 2010)

Jordan Jamison (Class of 2018)

Rudolph Elzy (Class of 2018)

Carson-Newman College

Kadeem Murray (Class of 2010) 

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

 Clark Atlanta University

Tarek Knight (Class of 2009)       John Adams (Class of 2012)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Coastal Carolina 

Mario Tynes (Class of 2006)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Delaware State University

Christain Johnson  (Class of 2014)

Javon Barnes (Class of 2014)

Wisdom Nzidee (Class of 2013)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

East Tennessee State

Tony Tiller (Class of 2000)

Florida State University

Marcus Ball (Class of 2006)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Fort Valley State University

Rico Williams (Class of 2002)

Marcus Bridges(Class of 1998)


Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Gardner-Webb University

Oluwadamilola Teniola (Class of 2009)

Walter Pollard (Class of 20

Georgia Southern  University

Ryan George (Class of 2012)

Reggie McCutchen (Class of 2002)

Eric Neal (Class of 1999)

Justin Byrdsong (Class of 2018)

Deonta Bembry (Class of 2018)



Georgia Tech University

Reggie Ball (Class of 2003)

Joshua Tittle (Class of 2003)


Howard University

Michael Harper (Class of 2006)

Jordan Dunham (Class of 2014)


Jackson State University

Tobias Williams (Class of 2009)

Neal Pogue II (Class of 2007)



Kansas State University

Isaiah Zuber (Class of 2014)



LaGrange College

D.J. Sellers (Class of 2008)

Marquis Albernaty (Class of 2008)


Louisana State University

Kelvin Sheppard (Class of 2006)

Perry Riley (Class of 2006)


Marshall University

Malcolm Strong (Class of 2009)

Ahmed Shakoor (Class of 2008)

Cory McCutchen (Class of 2008)


Methodist University

Kenneth Broome (Class of 2008)


Middle Tennessee State University

Chris Sharpe (Class of 2009)

Richard Drake(Class of 2008)


Mississippi State University

Jordan Harris (Class of 2013)

Preston Smith (Class of 2010)


Morehouse University

Jamal Mullins (Class of 2005)

Phillip Farmer (Class of 2003)

Travis Rhinehart (Class of 2003)

Justin Wallace (Class of 2003)

John Radcliffe (Class of 1999)

North Carolina Central University

Marquise Mathis (Class of 1999)


Ohio University

Nicholas Gibbons (Class of 2011)


Point University

Chance University (Class of 2013)

Khalil Vincent (Class of 2013)




Reinhart University

Jerie Brown (Class of 2015)

Dezric Cook (Class of 2015)

Cortese Logan (Class of 2014)


Savannah State University

Jordan Mincy (Class of 2010)

Jared Pollard (Class of 2009)

Xavier Lewis (Class of 2008)

McKeaver Edwards III (Class of 2008)

Travis Stephens (Class of 2008)

Daniel Allen (Class of 2002)

Khalil Hasan (Class of 2002)

Jonathan Dean (Class of 2002) 

Sewanee - The University of the South

Thomas Jackson (Class of 2009)

Clarence Mitchell (Class of 2001)

Phillip Suggs (Class of 2001)


Southern Illinois University

Khari Waithe-Alexander (Class of 2012)


St. Augustine

Gabriel Pope (Class of 2005)



Tennessee State University

Corey Greene (Class of 1999)



Troy State University

Arthur Adams (Class of 2001)



Tusculum College

Brandon Addison (Class of 2011)

Lontario Collier (Class of 2011)

Ike Helms (Class of 2010)

Eric Dulin (Class of 2010)

James Farmer (Class of 2009)

Rashaad Carter (Class of 2008)


University of Alabama

Lionel Mitchell(Class of 2004)



University of Arkansas

Michael Grant (Class of 2004)



University of Cincinnati

Michael Pitts (Class of 2015)



University of Connecticut

David Stevenson (Class of 2010)



University of Florida

Jermaine Cunningham (Class of 2006)



University of Kentucky

Jared Tucker (Class of 2013)

Demarcus Sweat (Class of 2011)

Shawn Blaylock (Class of 2001)

Raymond Sanders (Class of 2009)

Jabari Johnson (Class of 2009)

Ronnie Shields (Class of 2009)

Michael Harper (Class of 2006)

University of Richmond

T.J. Moon (Class of 2011)



University of South Florida

Willie Davis (Class of 2010)



University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

Delinine Warren (Class of 2013)

Joshua Williams (Class of 2009)

Brian Lomax (Class of 2003)

Devlon Addison (Class of 2002)

Dejaun Payne (Class of 2002)

Terrance Thomas (Class of 2002)

Garrard Brown (Class of 2002)


Valdosta State University

Daniel Durden (Class of 2013)

Doral White (Class of 2009)

Dorian Gilliam (Class of 2000)



Virgina Tech University

Jarontay Jones (Class of 2009)



Wake Forest University

Cameron Glenn (Class of 2013)



West Georgia Tech

DeJaun Beck (Class of 2012)

Treyvon Beck (Class of 2012)

Jyrus Mack (Class of 2012)

Ted McQuire (Class of 2012)

Eric Wooten(Class of 2012)



Jonathan Bentley (Class of 2002)



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